Easy & Simple Christmas Hacks, Tips and Tricks – Wrapping

blue Christmas wrapping
Christmas wrapping idea
Easy way to decorate and wrap for Christmas at the same time
gift wrapping
gold wrapping
Learn to tie the perfect Tiffanys gift bow
Reindeer candy bar wrapper
She took candy from dollar tree and wrapped in plain paper Great Christmas class idea
use black wrapping paper and decorate with white marker
Use color paper to make flowers for Christmas wrapping
Use pringles as a Christmas wrapping hack

Everyone needs to have a few time saving hacks, tips and tricks especially at Christmas! My personal favorite is the ‘Pringles-tube-cum-cupcake-wrapper’ (in fact you could use it for so much more than cupcakes!) not just because I loves my Pringles but because it literally takes two minutes to create some super awesome Christmas wrapping.

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Use pringles as a Christmas wrapping hack

[expand title=””] Time is of the essence and you need some really awesome Christmas decoration hacks or easy Christmas wrapping ideas…well look no further we’ve got all the best holiday time savers right here! So by using some nifty hacks, tips and tricks you can save yourself a lot of time over the holidays so you get to spend more time with your friends and family so you can enjoy the holiday season that little bit more! So whether you’re setting out your Christmas dining table, wrapping presents or making holiday appetizers theres always ways to save time and have more fun! [/expand]