Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make in No Time!

cash gift for Christmas gift for teen boys
Cool shirt Christmas gift literally made out of money
GIFT MONEY the best part of the pizza is the dough Happy birthday
Christmas gift for boys - I used a pizza pan and wrapped in brown shipping paper to look like dough Then used red paper to look like sauce
Made this for my brothers birthday Perfect way to give money as a Christmas present
Christmas gift - Made with dollar bills and an empty pizza box inch slices Cost cash Box free No gift card
Pizza Box Money Gift for Christmas
Money gift
Money gift diy idea Dollar bills in a faux pizza box with quarters used for pepperoni Great gift for teens
Pizza Box Christmas Money Gift
Money pizza for teenager
Pizza Box Money Gift
Pizza Box Money Gift
Pizza Money Tree Gift Idea

During the holidays we all try to buy our loved ones the right present – but if any of your teenagers are at college then a DIY Christmas gift they’ll love is a pizza box full of dough – and by dough we mean cash! So follow the tutorial below and learn how to make this awesome Christmas gift!

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cash pizza gift for Christmas gifts for boys