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27 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make in No Time!

Shopping for last minute gifts can be a bit of a nightmare especially if you’re too busy to haul yourself around the store’s or like me, if you’ve run out of cash by the time you remember who you forgot to buy for! So if you’re poor on time but rich on love this Christmas – then why not try your hand at these DIY gifts that everyone will love.

1. Cookies in a Jar

Cookies in a Jar
Tutorial Cookies in a Jar


2. Gold Sparkly Mason Jars

Gold Sparkly Mason Jars
Tutorial Gold Sparkly Mason Jars


3. Mini Succulent Holders

Mini Succulent Holders
Tutorial Mini Succulent Holders


4. Phone Case

Phone Case
Tutorial Phone Case


5. Simple Candle Bowl

Simple Candle Bowl
Tutorial Simple Candle Bowl


6. Snow Globe

Snow Globe 1
Tutorial Snow Globe


7. Stocking Cushion

Stocking Cushion
Tutorial Stocking Cushion


8. Tea Wreath

Tea Wreath
Tutorial Tea Wreath


9. Pig Money Box

Pig Money Box
Tutorial Pig Money Box


10. Sock Cupcakes

Sock Cupcakes
Tutorial Sock Cupcakes


11. Rubiks Cube Photos

Rubiks Cube Photos
Tutorial Rubiks Cube Photos


12. Easy Chocolates

Easy Chocolates
Tutorial Easy Chocolates


13. Easy Terrarium

Easy Terrarium
Tutorial Easy Terrarium


14. Lipsticks Holder

Lipsticks Holder
Tutorial Lipsticks Holder


15. Oreo Notebook

Oreo Notebook
Tutorial Oreo Notebook


16. Photo Calendar

Photo Calendar
Tutorial Photo Calendar


17. Pool Noodle Lightsaber

Pool Noodle Lightsaber
Tutorial Pool Noodle Lightsaber


18. No Sew Emoji Pillows

No Sew Emoji Pillows
Tutorial No Sew Emoji Pillows


19. Minecraft Pillow Plushies

Minecraft Pillow Plushies D
Tutorial Minecraft Pillow Plushies


20. Elf Gift Card Jar

Elf Gift Card Jar
Tutorial Elf Gift Card Jar


21. Marbled Mug

Marbled Mug
Tutorial Marbled Mug


22. Solid Perfume

Solid Perfume
Tutorial Solid Perfume


23. Spa in a Jar

Spa in a Jar
Tutorial Spa in a Jar


24. Jewlery Holder

Jewlery Holder
Tutorial Jewlery Holder


25. Memories Jar

Memories Jar
Tutorial Memories Jar


26. Mini Gumall Machine

Mini Gumall Machine
Tutorial Mini Gumall Machine


27. Ring Dish

Ring Dish
Tutorial Ring Dish

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