20+ DIY Christmas Outdoor Decorations for the Festive Season

Moss and Pine Cone Ornaments

Moss Christmas Wreath with Acorns and Pine Cones

One of our front porch Christmas decorations this year

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outdoor Christmas train crates and wooden circles

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Outdoor Greens for Christmas Decor

Paper Plate Outdoor Lollipop

pretty holiday swag

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Rustic backlit tree

Rustic trees for mantle

Star Pine Cones for Fence

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White Lantern with Styrofoam Ball and LED Lights

Wooden Carving Winterscape with LED Lights

Yule style Noel Modern idea for Front door entrance

Basket with logs and lights looks like a cozy fire

Christmas Branch Tree

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Coral and Pine Christmas Tree

Garage Snowman

Grinch and Max

Hanging Basket with Ornaments and Greens

DIY Plastic Cup Snowman
Tutorial DIY Plastic Cup Snowman

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DIY Pallet Christmas Tree with LED Lights
Tutorial DIY Pallet Christmas Tree with LED Lights

Frozen Water Balloons With Food Coloring
Tutorial Frozen Water Balloons With Food Coloring

Hula Hoops with String Lights
Tutorial Hula Hoops with String Lights

How to make a Wooden Log Reindeer
Tutorial How to make a Wooden Log Reindeer

Sparkly Pinecone Wreath
Tutorial Sparkly Pinecone Wreath

Claypot Snowman
Tutorial Claypot Snowman

Paper Bag Luminaries
Tutorial Paper Bag Luminaries

Wooden Christmas Sign
Tutorial Wooden Christmas Sign

Christmas Mason Jar Lights
Tutorial Christmas Mason Jar Lights

Five Minute Topiary
Tutorial Five Minute Topiary

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Ice Votives
Tutorial Ice Votives

Painted Santa Logs
Tutorial Painted Santa Logs

Snowball Lanterns
Tutorial Snowball Lanterns

Birdseed Ornaments
Tutorial Birdseed Ornaments

Christmas Bauble Wreath
Tutorial Christmas Bauble Wreath

Firewood Snowman
Tutorial Firewood Snowman

Pallet Snowman
Tutorial Pallet Snowman

$3 Spindle Snowmen
Tutorial $3 Spindle Snowmen

Snowflake Lanterns
Tutorial Snowflake Lanterns