25+ DIY Christmas Gifts for Mom this Holiday Season

If there’s one person that deserves an extra special gift at Christmas, then without question it’s definitely our Mom’s! And there’s no better way to show your love than by making a handmade gift, that’s why we’ve put together the ultimate DIY gift guide for Christmas! You could even make several DIY’s and make your very own gift basket. For example you could upcycle some lace into bracelets and put it together with a baileys hot chocolate gift and your total spend still wont be anywhere near $20.

1. Baileys Hot Chocolate Gift

Baileys Hot Chocolate Gift
Tutorial Baileys Hot Chocolate Gift

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2. Christmas Cocoa Mugs

Christmas Cocoa Mugs
Tutorial Christmas Cocoa Mugs

3. DIY Lace Jewelry

DIY Lace Jewelry
Tutorial DIY Lace Jewelry

4. DIY Watercolor Mugs

DIY Watercolor Mugs
Tutorial DIY Watercolor Mugs

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5. Hot Chocolate Ornaments

Hot Chocolate Ornaments
Tutorial Hot Chocolate Ornaments

6. Animal Keychains

Animal Keychains
Tutorial Animal Keychains

7. Bauble Gift

Bauble Gift
Tutorial Bauble Gift

8. Box of Ornaments

Box of Ornaments
Tutorial Box of Ornaments

9. Bunny Slippers

Bunny Slippers
Tutorial Bunny Slippers

10. DIY Day Spa

DIY Day Spa
Tutorial DIY Day Spa

11. Flower Ring Dish

Flower Ring Dish
Tutorial Flower Ring Dish

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12. Hot Beverages Goodies Box

Hot Beverages Goodies Box
Tutorial Hot Beverages Goodies Box

13. Hot Cocoa Mix

Hot Cocoa Mix
Tutorial Hot Cocoa Mix

14. Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts
Tutorial Jar of Hearts

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15. Motivational Art

Motivational Art
Tutorial Motivational Art

16. Movie Night Basket

Movie Night Basket
Tutorial Movie Night Basket

17. Reasons I Love You

Reasons I Love You
Tutorial Reasons I Love You

18. Scented Candle

Scented Candle
Tutorial Scented Candle

19. Fancy Coasters

Fancy Coasters
Tutorial Fancy Coasters

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20. Manicure in a Jar

Manicure in a Jar
Tutorial Manicure in a Jar

21. Heart Clasp Bangle

Heart Clasp Bangle
Tutorial Heart Clasp Bangle

22. Love you to Pieces

Love you to Pieces
Tutorial Love you to Pieces

23. Duck Tape Tassel Bookmarks

Duck Tape Tassel Bookmarks
Tutorial Duck Tape Tassel Bookmarks

24. Dipped Mugs

Dipped Mugs
Tutorial Dipped Mugs