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20+ DIY Christmas Cards That Family & Friends Will Love!

Nothing says “Seasons Greetings” quite like a handmade Christmas card. If you’re feeling crafty & creative this year and would rather make your own then we’ve got more than twenty different designs, from elegant to funny and everything in between and will be the perfect companion to any Christmas gift.

1. Washi Tape Scarves

Washi Tape Scarves
Tutorial Washi Tape Scarves


2. Button Wreath

Button Wreath
Tutorial Button Wreath


3. Candy Cane Presents

Candy Cane Presents
Tutorial Candy Cane Presents


4. Candy Canes

Candy Canes
Tutorial Candy Canes


5. Colored Light

Colored Light
Tutorial Colored Light


6. Cute Penguin

Cute Penguin
Tutorial Cute Penguin


7. Decorative Tree

Decorative Tree
Tutorial Decorative Tree


8. Festive Bunting

Festive Bunting
Tutorial Festive Bunting


9. Footprints

Tutorial Footprints


10. Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread Man
Tutorial Gingerbread Man


11. Paint Chip Christmas Trees

Paint Chip Christmas Trees
Tutorial Paint Chip Christmas Trees


12. Peanut Reindeers

Peanut Reindeers
Tutorial Peanut Reindeers


13. Pipe Cleaner Tree

Pipe Cleaner Tree
Tutorial Pipe Cleaner Tree


14. Pop up Present

Pop up Present
Tutorial Pop up Present


15. Santa Handprint

Santa Handprint
Tutorial Santa Handprint


16. Santa Snowglobe

Santa Snowglobe
Tutorial Santa Snowglobe


17. Shiny Snowflake

Shiny Snowflake
Tutorial Shiny Snowflake


18. Thumbprint Reindeers

Thumbprint Reindeers
Tutorial Thumbprint Reindeers


19. Twine Tree

Twine Tree
Tutorial Twine Tree


20. 3D Ornaments Christmas Card

3D Ornaments Christmas Card
Tutorial 3D Ornaments Christmas Card


21. DIY 3D Christmas Tree Pop Up Card

DIY 3D Christmas Tree Pop Up Card
Tutorial DIY 3D Christmas Tree Pop Up Card


22. Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Tutorial Santa Claus


23. Olaf

Tutorial Olaf


24. DIY Pop Up Christmas Card with Tree and Snowman

DIY Pop Up Christmas Card with Tree and Snowman
Tutorial DIY Pop Up Christmas Card with Tree and Snowman


25. Coffee Sleeve Cards

Coffee Sleeve Cards
Tutorial Coffee Sleeve Cards


26. Glistening Baubles

Glistening Baubles
Tutorial Glistening Baubles

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