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25+ Best DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids 2018

Today we’re sharing 30+ handmade gifts for kids that not only look awesome and are lots of fun but will also have a little bit of magic because they were crafted by a loved one! Most of the gifts can be made for under $10 and the DIY’s come in a range of difficulty rating – some will take no time at all, whilst others may require a few refills of your coffee cup!

1. Make a Robotic Arm out of Cardboard

How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard
Tutorial How to Make a Robotic Arm at Home out of Cardboard


2. DIY Plastic Bottle Helicopter

DIY Plastic Bottle Helicopter
Tutorial DIY Plastic Bottle Helicopter


3. DIY Desktop Soccer Game from Cardboard

DIY Desktop Soccer Game from Cardboard
Tutorial DIY Desktop Soccer Game from Cardboard


4. Coca-Cola Truck with DC Motor

Coca-Cola Truck with DC Motor
Tutorial Coca-Cola Truck with DC Motor


5. Ice Cream Sundae Box

Ice Cream Sundae Box
Tutorial Ice Cream Sundae Box


6. Emoji Pocket Mirror

Emoji Pocket Mirror
Tutorial Emoji Pocket Mirror


7. Customized Mugs

Customized Mugs
Tutorial Customized Mugs


8. Lego Tray Play Station

Lego Tray Play Station
Tutorial Lego Tray Play Station


9. Lego Desk Organizer

Lego Desk Organizer
Tutorial Lego Desk Organizer


10. Holiday Crayons

Holiday Crayons
Tutorial Holiday Crayons


11. Galaxy Gift Set

Galaxy Gift Set
Tutorial Galaxy Gift Set


12. DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Boxes

DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Boxes
Tutorial DIY Altoid Tin Prayer Boxes


13. Emoji Bath Bombs

Emoji Bath Bombs
Tutorial Emoji Bath Bombs


14. Christmas Character Hats

Christmas Character Hats
Tutorial Christmas Character Hats


15. Galaxy Bath Bomb

Galaxy Bath Bomb
Tutorial Galaxy Bath Bomb


16. Simple Christmas Treat Cups

Simple Christmas Treat Cups
Tutorial Simple Christmas Treat Cups


17. Movie Night Bucket

Movie Night Bucket
Tutorial Movie Night Bucket


18. DIY Marshmallow Shooter

DIY Marshmallow Shooter
Tutorial DIY Marshmallow Shooter


19. Angry Birds Pom Poms

Angry Birds Pom Poms
Tutorial Angry Birds Pom Poms


20. Hello Kitty Travel Mug

Hello Kitty Travel Mug
Tutorial Hello Kitty Travel Mug


21. Snowman Chocolate Bar

Snowman Chocolate Bar
Tutorial Snowman Chocolate Bar


22. Lego Glycerin Soap

Lego Glycerin Soap
Tutorial Lego Glycerin Soap


23. Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet
Tutorial Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet


24. Dino iPhone Tripod

Dino iPhone Tripod
Tutorial Dino iPhone Tripod


25. Adorable DIY Snow Globes

Adorable DIY Snow Globes
Tutorial Adorable DIY Snow Globes


26. Mittens Cushion

Mittens Cushion
Tutorial Mittens Cushion


27. Marble Dish

Marble Dish
Tutorial Marble Dish

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