Easy DIY Christmas Gifts for Kids on a Budget – Balloon Avalanche

balloons for 16th birthday with of our favorite memories
A box of balloons sent to my niece for her 16th birthday
Balloons with money inside and cards chocolates and more cute idea for their bathroom
Balloon a friends office I did this last night for my friends birthday
Balloon Avalanche
Balloon door way
Balloon door way avalanche
Birthday Balloon Surprise
Birthday morning surprise
Reasons We Love You Every balloon has a tag with something we love about our son written on it We used the number of balloons equal to the age of our son

If you want to create some awesome drama for your kids this holiday season then why not hide your Christmas gifts in a balloon avalanche! It only takes about twenty minutes to create and if you use a balloon pump you can get it done in no time! Just imagine their faces when they see all those balloons hiding their prezzies!

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Balloon avalanche