50 DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

Christmas Chocolate Candy Bars
Learn how to make a these awesome Christmas candy wrappers…the tutorial is for a snowman but you can amend it as you like!
View Tutorial Christmas Candy Wrappers

Check out the tutorial DIY Photo Family OrnamentsDIY Photo Family Ornaments

Christmas reindeer snack bags
Make these reindeer snack bags in just a few minutes by gluing wiggly eyes and mini pom poms onto brown lunch bags. You can use clothes pegs as the ears.

Christmas Tree Painting
Learn how to paint a winter Christmas tree in just a few minutes…!
View Tutorial Christmas Tree Paint Tutorial

Clothes Peg Christmas Tree

Colored Paper Tree and Presents

Doily Christmas Trees

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Felt Heart Christmas Tree Craft

Felt Love Heart Christmas Tree Cards

Hershey Bar Santa in Chimney Gifts

Kids Christmas Tree Craft

Mini candy sleighs for classroom stocking stuffers Will use different candy cane flavor Not the peppermint

Paper Plate Baubles

Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Santa Sleigh

Santa Sleigh for Christmas

Simple Christmas Treat Cups

Christmas Candy Sleighs

Christmas Stocking Display

This cute Christmas Reindeer gift wrapping idea is really simple to do

Tinsel Christmas Tree

Twig Christmas Trees

Wooden Sled Ornaments

DIY Mini Christmas Decorations
Tutorial DIY Mini Christmas Decorations

Cork Reindeers
Tutorial Cork Reindeers

Mini Snowman from Fake Snow
Tutorial Mini Snowman from Fake Snow

Miniature Winter Garden with Snowman
Tutorial Miniature Winter Garden with Snowman

Sponge Gingerbread Men
Tutorial Sponge Gingerbread Men

Advent Calendar
Tutorial Advent Calendar

DIY LED Snowman Decorations
Tutorial DIY LED Snowman Decorations

Emoji Baubles
Tutorial Emoji Baubles

Marshmallow Snowmen
Tutorial Marshmallow Snowmen

Mini Christmas Tree
Tutorial Mini Christmas Tree

Popsicle Stick Snowman
Tutorial Popsicle Stick Snowman

Reindeer Cookies
Tutorial Reindeer Cookies

Santa Claus Mason Jar
Tutorial Santa Claus Mason Jar

Cinnamon Stick Trees
Tutorial Cinnamon Stick Trees

Mini Altoid Cat
Tutorial Mini Altoid Cat

Easy Bulb Snowman
Tutorial Easy Bulb Snowman

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree
Tutorial Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Fluffy Penguin Baubles
Tutorial Fluffy Penguin Baubles

Glitter Acorns
Tutorial Glitter Acorns

Paper Towel Stars
Tutorial Paper Towel Stars

Peanut Snowmen
Tutorial Peanut Snowmen

Pine Cone Penguins
Tutorial Pine Cone Penguins

Pom Pom Balls
Tutorial Pom Pom Balls

Reindeer Thumbprints
Tutorial Reindeer Thumbprints