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24 DIY Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make

It’s that festive time of the year already and what better way to decorate your home for the holiday season than to get your kids together and make some of these awesome Christmas crafts we’ve listed below! You can learn how to make fake snow (with only a couple of ingredients!), make gingerbread men from old sponges, snowmen from lollipop sticks and make a miniature winter garden with snowmen!

1. DIY Mini Christmas Decorations

DIY Mini Christmas Decorations
Tutorial DIY Mini Christmas Decorations


2. Cork Reindeers

Cork Reindeers
Tutorial Cork Reindeers


3. Mini Snowman from Fake Snow

Mini Snowman from Fake Snow
Tutorial Mini Snowman from Fake Snow


4. Miniature Winter Garden with Snowman

Miniature Winter Garden with Snowman
Tutorial Miniature Winter Garden with Snowman


5. Sponge Gingerbread Men

Sponge Gingerbread Men
Tutorial Sponge Gingerbread Men


6. Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar
Tutorial Advent Calendar


7. DIY LED Snowman Decorations

DIY LED Snowman Decorations
Tutorial DIY LED Snowman Decorations


8. Emoji Baubles

Emoji Baubles
Tutorial Emoji Baubles


9. Marshmallow Snowmen

Marshmallow Snowmen
Tutorial Marshmallow Snowmen


10. Mini Christmas Tree

Mini Christmas Tree
Tutorial Mini Christmas Tree


11. Popsicle Stick Snowman

Popsicle Stick Snowman
Tutorial Popsicle Stick Snowman


12. Reindeer Cookies

Reindeer Cookies
Tutorial Reindeer Cookies


13. Santa Claus Mason Jar

Santa Claus Mason Jar
Tutorial Santa Claus Mason Jar


14. Cinnamon Stick Trees

Cinnamon Stick Trees
Tutorial Cinnamon Stick Trees


15. Mini Altoid Cat

Mini Altoid Cat
Tutorial Mini Altoid Cat


16. Easy Bulb Snowman

Easy Bulb Snowman
Tutorial Easy Bulb Snowman


17. Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree
Tutorial Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree


18. Fluffy Penguin Baubles

Fluffy Penguin Baubles
Tutorial Fluffy Penguin Baubles


19. Glitter Acorns

Glitter Acorns
Tutorial Glitter Acorns


20. Paper Towel Stars

Paper Towel Stars
Tutorial Paper Towel Stars


21. Peanut Snowmen

Peanut Snowmen
Tutorial Peanut Snowmen


22. Pine Cone Penguins

Pine Cone Penguins
Tutorial Pine Cone Penguins


23. Pom Pom Balls

Pom Pom Balls
Tutorial Pom Pom Balls


24. Reindeer Thumbprints

Reindeer Thumbprints
Tutorial Reindeer Thumbprints

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