35 DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends on a Budget

Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean we have to let our budgets go out the window – so we’ve put together some of the best inexpensive handmade gifts for Christmas that will show how much you love your BFF’s without blowing a hole in your wallet!
Below we’ve put together some of the best creative DIY Christmas gifts for friends using a lot of items you probably have lying around your home or items you can get on Amazon or online really cheaply.

1. Bauble Gift

Bauble Gift
Tutorial Bauble Gift

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2. Charm Bracelets

Charm Bracelets
Tutorial Charm Bracelets

3. Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark
Tutorial Chocolate Bark

4. Christmas Phone Cover

Christmas Phone Cover
Tutorial Christmas Phone Cover

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5. Cork Emoji

Cork Emoji
Tutorial Cork Emoji

6. EOS Snow Globe

EOS Snow Globe
Tutorial EOS Snow Globe

7. Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread Men
Tutorial Gingerbread Men

8. Ice Cream Jewelry Holder

Ice Cream Jewelry Holder
Tutorial Ice Cream Jewelry Holder

9. Initial Mitten

Initial Mitten
Tutorial Initial Mitten

10. Little Candles

Little Candles
Tutorial Little Candles

11. Marshmallow Plushies

Marshmallow Plushies
Tutorial Marshmallow Plushies

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12. Milk Cookie Jars

Milk Cookie Jars
Tutorial Milk Cookie Jars

13. Mini Album

Mini Album
Tutorial Mini Album

14. Personalized Hamper

Personalized Hamper
Tutorial Personalized Hamper

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15. Phone Charm

Phone Charm
Tutorial Phone Charm

16. Polka Dot Bowl

Polka Dot Bowl
Tutorial Polka Dot Bowl

17. Pom Pom Letter

Pom Pom Letter
Tutorial Pom Pom Letter

18. Smore Soap

Smore Soap
Tutorial Smore Soap

19. Sparkly Mugs

Sparkly Mugs
Tutorial Sparkly Mugs

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20. Starbucks Lip Gloss

Starbucks Lip Gloss
Tutorial Starbucks Lip Gloss

21. Treat Jars

Treat Jars
Tutorial Treat Jars

22. Yummy Snowman

Yummy Snowman
Tutorial Yummy Snowman

23. Glittered Votives

Glittered Votives
Tutorial Glittered Votives

24. Golden Nugget Photo Holder

Golden Nugget Photo Holder
Tutorial Golden Nugget Photo Holder

25. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs 1
Tutorial Bath Bombs

26. Candy Box

Candy Box
Tutorial Candy Box

27. Tumblr Sign

Tumblr Sign
Tutorial Tumblr Sign

28. Christmas Trail Mix

Christmas Trail Mix
Tutorial Christmas Trail Mix

29. DIY Ornaments

DIY Ornaments
Tutorial DIY Ornaments

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30. DIY Spa Kit

DIY Spa Kit
Tutorial DIY Spa Kit

31. Friends Frame

Friends Frame
Tutorial Friends Frame

32. Herbal Tea Tree

Herbal Tea Tree
Tutorial Herbal Tea Tree

33. Pineapple Candle

Pineapple Candle
Tutorial Pineapple Candle

34. Makeup Brush Set

Makeup Brush Set
Tutorial Makeup Brush Set

35. Movie Night Kit

Movie Night Kit
Tutorial Movie Night Kit