35 DIY Christmas Gifts for Friends on a Budget

DIY Sharpie Mug
diy sharpie plates and mugs
Good Morning Sharpie Mug
ice cream sundae in a box
Santa Candy Sleighs Hot glue kit kats candy canes and Santa candies
cute Silhouette Cameo DIY oven mitts
Gift basket Purple Teal
Gifts for teachers under $10 Each gift has 1 mug and 1 socks from dollar tree
Lotto Ticket Christmas Gift Bags made by yours truly Winning
Sanitizer gifts made with 1 hand soap from craft store and printable tags mounted on scrapbook paper
socks n nail polish
Pretty Kitties Gift Box
Sweater Cookies Mug Gift Box Gift Ideas Food Gift Small
21st birthday Pizza Dough
emergency boat fund

Just because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean we have to let our budgets go out the window – so we’ve put together some of the best inexpensive handmade gifts for Christmas that will show how much you love your BFF’s without blowing a hole in your wallet!

View Tutorial Pizza Dough Christmas giftPizza Dough Christmas gift