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20+ DIY Christmas Wreaths

Ever wonder how to make a Christmas wreath from scratch or even better make one from upcycling items you already have lying round your home? Well wonder no more! We’ve put together an awesome list of Christmas wreaths that are fun to make and will add some festive glam to your home – both inside and out! You can even give these as gifts to your family and friends.

1. Vine Snowman

Vine Snowman
Tutorial Vine Snowman


2. Glitter Pinecones

Glitter Pinecones
Tutorial Glitter Pinecones


3. Jute Circle

Jute Circle
Tutorial Jute Circle


4. Frozen Inspired

Frozen Inspired
Tutorial Frozen Inspired


5. Winter Frost

Winter Frost
Tutorial Winter Frost


6. Monogram

Tutorial Monogram


7. Wood Slices

Wood Slices
Tutorial Wood Slices


8. Easy Paper Wreath

Easy Paper Wreath 1
Tutorial Easy Paper Wreath


9. Beautiful Baubles

Beautiful Baubles
Tutorial Beautiful Baubles


10. Blue Ombre Pom Poms

Blue Ombre Pom Poms
Tutorial Blue Ombre Pom Poms


11. Christmas Candy

Christmas Candy
Tutorial Christmas Candy


12. Cozy Burlap

Cozy Burlap
Tutorial Cozy Burlap


13. Decorative Clothespins

Decorative Clothespins
Tutorial Decorative Clothespins


14. Easy Deco Mesh Loops

Easy Deco Mesh Loops
Tutorial Easy Deco Mesh Loops


15. Mesh Frozen Snowflake

Mesh Frozen Snowflake
Tutorial Mesh Frozen Snowflake


16. Mint Snow

Mint Snow
Tutorial Mint Snow


17. Multicolored

Tutorial Multicolored


18. Paper Roses

Paper Roses
Tutorial Paper Roses


19. Pink Purple

Pink Purple
Tutorial Pink Purple


20. Cherries Petals

Cherries Petals
Tutorial Cherries Petals


21. Sparkling White

Sparkling White
Tutorial Sparkling White


22. Simple Sandwich Bags

Simple Sandwich Bags
Tutorial Simple Sandwich Bags

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